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Tracking data helps achieve low cost of energy in wind supply chain

Monitoring and optimizing of wind supply chain

Create a daily global overview of assets and equipment with our tracking devices and data loggers.

Trusted Visibility Suite™ provides location-based insights and ensures that you can always control that your equipment is in the right place at the right time.

We offer a return management system which gives you insights into inbound and outbound logistics.

This makes wind supply chain LCOE (Low Cost Of Energy) more attainable throughout the process.

Case story

B&W Vølund reduced damaged related-costs by analyzing shock impacts

B&W Vølund is using the data from Trusted Visibility Suite™ to analyze when their cargo had been exposed to potential drop during transport and shipments. It enables them to control the handling of their valuable cargo which has turned to substantial cost savings.

Read full case story here.

Reduction of costs

Transportation of wind components and turbines is very costly. The Trusted tracking solution creates a global overview and optimizes logistics and transport in the wind power industry. You will experience these benefits within a few months of investing in our product:


  • Minimize equipment loss and cost of searching for tools
  • Cut down operation expenses
  • Lower investments costs
  • Save on financing costs (CAPEX)
  • Achieve a lower cost of energy (LCOE)

Wind turbine environmental sensor installations

Trusted sensors are designed to suit the wind power industry.

Obtain data insights on conditions of components environment during production, transport, and storage. We provide data such as temperature, humidity/moisture, shock, tilt, light, dew point and GPS position.

In case of incidents, a G-shock trigger will be activated and will immediately send you notifications from the Trusted cloud.

The wind industry can mainly take advantage of these three objectives

  • Data collection for the documentation of all technical transport specifications such as G-shock and temperature and/or humidity.
  • A better overview of the logistics with a special focus on a fast return of transportation asset
  • General cost optimization for wind supply chain LCOE


Looking for a tracking solution?

I can help you find the right solution for you to minimize your costs.

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