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Prevent theft and recover stolen equipment

Theft prevention and recovery of assets

As part of a comprehensive risk management system – the Trusted GPS tracking solution forms a valuable and necessary tool for theft prevention and recovery of assets. It provides highly accurate location information that improves asset visibility and enables you to quickly recover your assets in the event of theft.

The system can provide the position of an asset, based on triangulation based on the mobile infrastructure. When the stolen asset is covert inside buildings and other locations where GPS signals cannot be obtained, a small radio beacon can be activated for nearfield search. To search for the asset, a recover scanner is required.

Set up a geo site to protect your equipment

The geo site feature can give alarms when an asset or equipment leave the selected geographic area.

Discover how Trusted recovers stolen equipment

Case story

How do you avoid theft on your construction site?

Theft from construction sites is a huge problem, and it gives concerns about the costs of replacing equipment and lost earnings for any construction manager. Trusted’s devices can save you both time and money by helping you with both theft prevention and recovery of assets.

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Some insurance companies permit a tracking device for valuable assets and equipment. Possibly, get a lower insurance premium by having a tracking device placed in your vehicle or machine.

Hidden undercover installation

Selected partners are using our tracking device with special applications for a hidden installation for protecting high-value goods. The Trusted GPS tracking device can be used for decoy operations by installing the tracking device in disguise. In case of theft, the radio beacon can be activated. This enables you to track your goods down to less than a meter accuracy.

Case story

IoT technology enables you to recover lost and stolen equipment

The supply chain has grown more complex which means, that it requires more safety and visibility. Cargo loss and theft are an increasing problem that often results in concern, huge costs, and disruption in the supply chain.

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Looking for a tracking solution?

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